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Round table "Information technology in university management"

On June 24 in the frame of the conference "Telematika 2009" the round table "Information technology in university management" took place.
The participants of the Tempus project ICT4UM presented the project and the ICT4UM Centre.

There were made the following reports:

  • Consulting and Information Centre for University Management Technology (E.Zakharevich, SIIT&T Informika)
  • Information and Communication Technologies for University Management (A.Skuratov, SIIT&T Informika),
  • Personnel Management in University Governance (N.Ruzanova, PetrSU),
  • Financial Management in University Governance (F.Girenko, TvSU),
  • Distant Education Management (G. Gromov, SPbSU ITMO).

The problem attracted great interest among the participants of the round table. Among them there were Novgorod State University, Novosibirsk State University, 1C and many others. Some of them are ready to publish information materials on University management on the site of the project.

F.Girenko noted that the problem is interesting as for universities so for different vendors, who propose different IT for higher educational establishments. N.Ruzanova told that their research within the project was extremely useful for their university - before they started their work on the problem they were sure that it was everything perfect with Personnel management in PetrSU.

Participants of the round table were interested in other aspects of university management, such as:

  • Information needs of the personnel (including holding),
  • Informatization of the university management.

At the end of the meeting there were decided:

  1. SIIT&T Informika will prepare the format for the materials which are to be published on the site.
  2. The ICT4UM participants will make direct mailing to the Russian university in order to attract new specialists to the Centre and to inform customers (Universities) about the centre.

In conclusion V.Tsvetkov told: "We have the task and we have resources to perform it. And the joint efforts will let us perform the task in visible future".