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Final meeting - TverSU - January 25, 2010

On January 25, 2010 in Tver State University the Final Conference within the TEMPUS Project ICT4UM (Supporting and facilitating active uptake of Information and Communication Technologies for University Management in Russian Universities) took place. In the frame of the conference the results of the two-year work implemented by the European-Russian consortium were presented. (

With words of welcome spoke Andrey V. Belotserkovskiy, Tver SU Rector. In his speech he made special mention of project result importance for Russian universities. He hoped that fruitful cooperation between Russian and European colleagues would go on in the future.

With a brief speech Antonio Sanchez (Professor, University of Valencia, Spain) addressed to the participants of the Conference. He talked about necessity of further cooperation in the field of university management development and expressed his gratitude to the consortium members for perfect results of two-year collaboration within the project.

Consortium members made their reports on their work within the project
Lesya Matiyuk, researcher, Eurice, European Research and Project Office GmbH, Germany
ICT4UM: Final Project Overview (presentation)*

ICT4UM in German Higher Education: Introducing HIS and its services
Dr. Harald Gilch, руководитель направления HIS, Germany

Information and consultation Center for university management technology (presentation)*
Alexey Skuratov, Deputy Director, SIIT & T "Informika"

ICT4UM. Outcomes and prospects (presentation)*
Ilia Soldatenko, Head of the department for information technology, TverSU Regional Centre for New Information Technology, Associate Professor, Department for Information Technology

ICT in HRM Tempus JEP - 27081 - 2006 " Supporting and facilitating active uptake of Information and Communication Technologies for University Management in Russian Universities" (presentation)*

Natalia Ruzanova, PetrSU, Director of Regional Centre for New Information Technology
Popova Irina, PetrSU, Head of the Department for Information Systems of Financing activities and management

ICT for Distant Education Management: ITMO solutions and services for Russian universities (presentation)*
Gennadiy Gromov, SPb ITMO,
Pavel Belikov, Center of Information Systems SPb ITMO


The consortium members were granted the Diplomas for their active work within the project:

Petrozavodsk State University


  • Ruzanova N.
  • Popova I.
  • Derbeneva O.

Tver State University


  • Girenko F.
  • Lapushinskaya G.
  • Soldatenko I.

Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics


  • Gromov G.
  • Gromova I.

SIIT&T "Informika"

Skuratov A.

Zakharevich Е.

Zakharova O.



Photo-report on the meeting you can find here.
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