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Goals and Tasks

The overall objective of the ICT4UM project is to transfer best European experiences in the field of ICT application for University Management to the Russian Higher Education and through this to modernise University governance.

The project plan is built around the following tasks:

I. To study and benchmark the European and Russian "best practices" and success stories in the field of ICT for University Management.
The project will facilitate transferring the best European experiences in this area to Russian universities, demonstrating how these experiences can be applied on Russian soil. It will open up new prospects for Russian specialists who for many years did not have any opportunity to learn from foreign experiences. Through dissemination activities, this nformation will be delivered to an accurately delineated target group: the heads of university ICT departments (non-academic departments responsible for ICT introduction, as typical in Russian universities) or other university managers with similar functions. Additionally, the project will indirectly influence the heads of university administrations (rectors, first vice-rectors), demonstrating the kind of benefits a university can reap by introducing ICT for management in a correct way.

II. To improve University Management in the partner universities by re-engineering selected managerial processes in university administrations.
The project will demonstrate to the target group that before investing in ICT, every complex organisation such as a university has to clearly understand how its administration works, how its administrative structure corresponds to the functions (processes) it implements, how it achieves its goals, which organisational units are responsible for which tasks. In order to transfer best European practices and cutting edge solutions to the Russian consortium members, a special training workshop for the key technical experts from the ICT departments will be organised by IWi in Saarbruecken. The training content will cover a range of topics (from business process modelling to learning process management) and the team of trainers will represent such institutions as IWi, imc and IDS Scheer. Applying these methodologies, the Russian partners will demonstrate its applicability in the Russian academic environment and potential for improving selected administrative processes. The choice of processes is based on their generic nature and the fact that every university runs them, thus allowing an active application of the methodology by other Russian universities.

III. To create a Russian consulting and information centre "ICT for University Management ICT4UM".
As outlined in section III.a, one of the major problems all Russian universities face is an absence of facilitating services designed to assist universities in ICT introduction (or they are prohibitively expensive). The project will contribute to solving this problem by creating ICT4UM as a distributed network of experts united via a small central office (a scheme proven to be viable in Europe through the IPR Helpdesk run by DG Enterprise). The centre will provide consulting services by putting those who possess knowledge in direct contact with those who need it. The second major mission ICT4UM will have is to provide a forum for experiences and "best practice" exchange in the field of ICT Introduction for University Management. In a narrow sense, this activity will contribute to the project's dissemination strategy, but in a broader sense it will create a new opportunity to speed up the penetration of modern ICT approaches into the Russian university community.

IV. To improve the knowledge and skills of university ICT managers and administrators in Central, North-West Russia and beyond.
In order to strengthen the project impact, special training measures will be designed and implemented. The thematic focus will cover modern ICT applications for University Management and university IT infrastructure; the target group will bring together key specialists from university ICT departments from Central and North-West Russia (with focus on managers and senior technical staff). It is expected that these workshops will facilitate an active understanding of the project results on the technical level (process optimisation methodology, technical recommendations, selected software solutions, etc.) and stimulate networking between specialists. In contrast to the annual dissemination events which are focused on policy-level target groups, this activity will leverage technical progress.